Genuine DFTA0456B2U 40*40*56 12V 1.7A 4 cm high speed turbo fan violence


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  • Application: Computer Case
  • Model Number: DFTA0456B2U
  • Type: Fan
  • Heatsink Material: Copper
  • Package: Yes
  • Bearing: Two Ball Bearing
  • Condition: AVC
  • Fan Size: 4056 inch
This product is imported AVC fan
Standard voltage is 12V, voltage 10.8-14V,
Current 1.70A (foot to the current in the 1.4A voltage 12V)
(domestic motor, not a general product this adopt innovative design of rotary} {double motor, DC brushless type does not exist brush is abraded and turbine problem cannot be used, high quality and low power consumption to ensure that 20000 hours of maintenance free commitment! Disguising!)
Large amount of wind speed above 16200.
Aperture: 40mm x 40mm length: 56mm, built-in two speed motor (independent of different load 4 a high speed ball bearing), two fan, double fan blade reversal of unique design, in order to ensure sufficient air pressure. The air inlet fan 5 fan blade, outlet fan blade is 5 fan blade, turbine work from 16200 rpm to 3 wind Ye Jinfeng, after 12000 RPM reverse wind leaf increased pressure. Let the booster effect into full play!!
Save fuel 5%-20%. (depending on the specific condition and decide)
Reducing harmful gas emissions.
Reduce the internal combustion engine carbon deposition, prolonging the service life of the engine.
Improve engine power 10%~20%, the vehicle at the start, the use of air conditioning or rapid acceleration dynamic enhanced
Connection method: Black + blue with the negative (-), red and orange is connected with the positive (+), other multi outlet is not connected.
Application of heat, server radiator, heat dissipation reformation, water cooling auxiliary, switching power supply and heat dissipation, high reliable server application places.
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